How to choose the perfect AirBnB

I LOVE travelling and I love using AirBnB to find the perfect place to stay, at an affordable price. There are so many amazing options on there and in most cases, it will cost less than a hotel. Since I started using AirBnB a few years ago, I have only booked a hotel once because it cost less than any local AirBnB listings.

I love staying at AirBnB rentals because it allows you to live more like a local during your visit. Another bonus is that many rentals allow you access to the kitchen, so you can cook some of your own meals and not have to shell out your money on expensive restaurants the entire trip. I always like to grab some stuff to make breakfast so that I can get out quicker in the morning and start exploring, instead of having to find a place to eat right away.

AirBnB is super popular, but I still know a lot of people who have never used it so I thought I would share what I look for when choosing an AirBnB and some of the benefits.

The view from my AirBnB in Lisbon, Portugal

Location, location, location

As with real estate, the location of your AirBnB rental is extremely important. I always make sure I look for an AirBnB that is close to the attractions I want to visit on my trip, or at least close to public transportation. It is also a good idea to look up the neighbourhood where your AirBnB is located to make sure it is a safe area.

Read the reviews

One of the things I always make sure to do before booking any AirBnB, no matter how beautiful the pictures are, is read the reviews from previous guests. I think this is the best way to find out about what the owner is like, how clean the rental is, how accessible the neighbourhood is, how loud or quiet the area is and even if the bed is comfortable (very important!). If I can, I usually try to find a place with more than 10 reviews as well so that I can get the bigger sample.

Book early

The earlier you book, the more choices you’ll have. I have found some great places last minute, but often the best rentals book up quickly.

Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask the owner questions, whether they are about the rental, the neighbourhood or the best places to eat. Most owners are happy to help and give recommendations to their guests. I have gotten some of the best recommendations of places to eat and areas to see thanks to my AirBnB owners. I would never have checked out what ended up being my favourite area in Berlin if it weren’t for the woman who owned the AirBnB I stayed in. She was also kind enough to give my sister and I a tour of her neighbourhood, which included the history of some of the nearby buildings. I also never would have ended up at Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra if it weren’t for the owner of my AirBnB in Lisdon.

Save the places you like

AirBnB offers a feature that allows you to make lists of places you are interested in staying in. I love this feature so that I can compare rentals or save ideas for future trips.

Instant book

When possible I like to find places that have the lightning bolt instant book symbol. This means you don’t have to wait for the owner to respond to your request to book. Rentals that aren’t instant book may not always be available for the days you’ve requested or the owner may not respond during the allotted time, meaning you won’t be able to book the place. Instant book speeds up the process, making booking your AirBnB easy.

There are so many unique rentals on AirBnB and I hope this post helps you find the perfect vacation rental. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below or if there are any tips you think I missed.

Happy travels!

**This post is not in any way sponsored by AirBnB, I just love it

5 thoughts on “How to choose the perfect AirBnB

  1. Don’t think I’ll ever go back to hotels or hostels after finding airbnb. You can fin really unique places in great locations for sometimes half the price. Never had a bad experience yet! Great little guide!


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